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Hi, my name is Raj Bhagwat and I’m a Trader and Mentor with over 6+ years of trading experience and have taught 600+of people in Mumbai ( Offline) how to become profitable Trading Forex, commodities and indices.

My teachings are based on Smart Money and Institutional Trading concepts. I created these courses to share with you sound information to kick start your trading journey in the right direction, help you avoid the common mistakes 95% of traders experience and to actually teach you techniques that actually work.

Traditional Trading Doesn’t Work.

I created The new way of trading because there’s a lot of outdated traditional approaches to scalping/ Swing trading that simply don’t work.

I used to trade this way and I was thrown around the market more than I could ever imagine. I was used for liquidity constantly until I understood that price is not controlled by zones, breakouts and mystical Fibonacci levels. Price movement is controlled by the banks. Banks do not trade with zones are trade breakouts. All banks care about is LIQUIDITY. They move price towards the money.Once you understand this you will always be able to find a high probability trading opportunity.

After 6 Years Of Trading These are My No.1 Scalping / Swing trading strategies Adding my strategies to your artillery enables you to gain on those last- minute dashes to areas of interest. Learning my entry method is a lot more rewarding than the old way of trading. You may be in the trade a little bit longer than the usual few minutes; however, you can be in the trade with confidence knowing it has a higher chance of hitting your profit target. Once you understand the contents of my trading method, you will never need any other strategy ever again.


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